Drum&Bass Records
At Drum & Bass Records we are keen to receive Want Lists from our customers. We’ll let you know as soon as the record comes into stock, so please send your requests to want@durmandbass-rec.com. Note) Please read the following points carefully.

Your Name


All Want requests are entered into our database, so we ask that you only request one track per email. We also require that you enter the artist name and title using Roman script (rather than Japanese characters). We process a large number of requests so any that are written in katakana or which are spelled incorrectly may end up being discarded.
# Example:
Prince Buster
I Won’t Let You Cry

Please also fill in the details below regarding the record you are looking for.


Please notify us of the price you would expect to pay and the minimum condition you would be happy with, along with details of any other conditions (eg. “JA Pressing only” etc).
■ Example
VG+ or above, around $60


# Want Lists are valid for six months. If you would like to renew the Want request after this period, please email us again.
# If we have received several Want requests for a particular tune, we sometimes put it up for auction. We thank you for your understanding in this. In these cases, we will notify you of the auction in advance.
# For rare and high value items, please ensure that you enter the price you are willing to pay and the minimum condition that you would consider purchasing the record in.
# If you wish to register several different Want requests at once, we would be very grateful if you could send us the list as an Excel spreadsheet.