Privacy Notice

1. Definition of personal data

"Personal data" is defined as information relating to an existing individual. The information includes name, date of birth and other descriptive items which can be easily cross-checked with other information to discern a specific individual.

2. Gathering of personal data

Personal data is gathered when customers purchase goods and make inquiries.
Personal data is gathered by honest and legal means and only used for purposes which we make clear to our customers.

The personal data gathered is as follows.

a) Name
b) Address
c) Telephone number
d) Email address
e) Password
f) Shipping address details
g) History of past transactions
h) The information above can be combined to discern a specific individual
# Please enter all of the items

3. Use of personal data

The personal data gathered from our customers is used for the following purposes.

a) Confirming and referring to orders
b) Confirming and referring to shipments of goods
c) Replying to customer inquiries

We will not disclose or provide personal data to any 3rd parties without the prior consent of the customer except in the following circumstances.

a) When we are required by law to cooperate with a legal procedure originating from a national government organization or local public authority (or an agent acting on their behalf).
b) When required to do so in order to protect someone's life, physical well-being or property, but it has not been possible to get the prior consent of the relevant customer.
c) When passing personal data between the company that runs this shop and other related service providers (eg. delivery company).
# We prohibit the sale of personal data.

4. Safe management of personal data

We ensure the safe management of personal data gathered from customers by employing security technology provided by external suppliers. Through the safe management of personal data carried out in accordance with the relevant laws we endeavor to prevent the fraudulent access, loss, falsification and leakage of personal data.

5. Amendment and deletion of personal data

Customers will be notified by email of any amendments to or deletion of personal data from the inquiry email address given below. Customers who have registered as a member can amend their personal data by clicking the "My Page" button in the site menu.

6. Use of cookies

We use cookies in order to provide a better service to our customers. Cookies cannot, however, be used to gather personal data, so there is no danger of violating of customers' privacy.
It is possible to change the browser settings to prevent the use of cookies.
# Cookies are sent from the server computer to the customer's browser, and are stored as data in the hard disk of the customer's computer.

7. Use of SSL

In order to ensure security when customers enter personal data we employ SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. SSL prevents data from being intercepted, blocked or falsified.
# SSL is a technology which allows data to be sent and received in an encrypted form, preventing data theft or falsification.

8. Inquiries

Drum & Bass Records
Please note that as of the 1st September 2010 we have a new telephone number.

9.Changes to the privacy policy

We will announce any changes to the data we gather, changes to the use of data and any other changes to the privacy policy on this page.

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