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Drum & Bass Records / Rock A Shacka

Director of Operations

Mayasa Hayashi


Postal Code: 556-0022
RiverRiseBldg 5F, 1-7-30 Sakuragawa Naniwa-ku Osaka Japan

Phone &Fax

+81.6.6634.4141 ( change soon.)


Contact Form is Here.

Retail price

Advertised on our website and on goods lists sent out to customers.
In addition to the cost of goods there are shipping charges for Japan Post's EMS and Air Mail.

Purchasing method

Online shopping cart, email, phone and fax

Payment method



If there is a problem with the goods once they have arrived, please notify us within a week my phone, email etc. We will endeavor to handle the matter in a sincere and honest manner by exchanging or refunding the cost of the goods.

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