We have introduced a new grading symbol system.

Disk (disk quality), Sound (sound quality), Label (label condition), Jacket (jacket condition) for both A and B sides
5 stars (★★★★★) is highest
1 star (★☆☆☆☆) is lowest
There are 5 levels of grading.

Disk Detail

CRACK: Disk is cracked
HEAT: Disk has suffered heat damage
BEND: Disk is warped or curved
WARP: Needle skips
CHIP: Part of the disk is missing
OC (Off Center): Center hole is misaligned
NO SHINE: Disk appears dull
JS (Juke Box Scratch): Marks on disk from juke box roller
ACI (A Cave In Record): Disk has depressions or bumps

Sound Detail

Pop / Clip
Surface Noise

Label Detail

WOL (Writing on Label)
SOL (Sticker on Label)
STOL (Stamp on Label)
SOT (Scratch on Title) Title, artist or label name has been scratched out
LD (Label Damage)
NOC (Not Original Center) Pinhole which you often see on UK pressings is missing
ML (Mislabeled) Artist etc is wrongly credited
LR (Label Reversed) A and B side labels are the wrong way round
LT (Label Torn)

Jacket Detail

SJ (Split Jacket)
WD (Water Damage)
NOJ (Not Original Jacket)
WOJ (Writing on Jacket)
SOJ (Sticker on Jacket)
STOJ (Stamp on Jacket)
CO (Cut Out)
Coated (jacket has a vinyl coating, as seen on UK records from 60s through to 70s)
TJ (Torn Jacket)
RW (Ring Wear) Shape of the record is visible on jacket. Often seen on records previously used by DJs / Sound Systems
WS (With Shrink) Jacket is shrink wrapped
SS (Sealed)
CS (Company Sleeve) generic sleeve featuring label name
OS (Origninal Sleeve) sleeve featuring track-specific title reference

Damaged areas etc

All (whole disk)
Top, Bottom, Left, Right


About our previous condition grading system

Drum & Bass Records evaluates record condition according to the following 8 categories.

EX+ Near mint condition
EX Basically no scratches. Some people would consider it to be as good as new.
EX- Some very faint scratches but basically as good as new. The sound is fine.
VG (OK) The average condition of most second hand records from Jamaica. There are some surface marks and some deterioration sound quality, but on analogue systems there is no real problem.
VG Quite a lot of surface marks and a fair amount of deterioration in sound quality.
VG- A lot of surface marks and fairly poor sound quality.
G+ Badly scratched.
* Records made in the 60s and early 70s were pressed on much heavier vinyl than records pressed in the era of mass production and the sound is deep as a result. While some records may appear as condition VG- or G, therefore, it is still possible to enjoy listening to them.

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