Louisa Mark [ Breakout ]

Louisa Mark
[ Breakout ]

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The only album recorded by the Lovers Rock diva who passed away suddenly in October 2009. Breakout is a masterpiece - a release which influenced the sound of the UK Lovers Rock scene like no other. Bushays production style has come to be defined by gorgeous major key arrangements. but these early productions are simple and tough. emphasizing Louisas distinctive singing style and cute. teen-like voice.

In addition to the tracks on the original album. this LP includes an unreleased DJ cut of Even Though Youre Gone by Prince Jazzbo and a DJ cut of Keep It Like It Is by Jah Son. which has never been reissued since the original 7 inch release. It also includes debut song All My Loving. recorded by south Londons Lloyd Coxsone when Louisa was just 15. as well as the legendary hit - familiar to all Londoners - Caught You in a Lie. Features backing bands Aswad and In Crowd throughout.

■Track Listing■
Side A
01. 6 - Sixth Street
02. Keep It Like It Is
03. Used to Be My Man
04. All My Loving
05. Natty Go Dey Voluntarily (Jah Son)
06. Moving Target

Side B
01. Baby Simone
02. Dance and Feel Free
03. Caught You in a Lie
04. Funny Guys
05. Even Though Youre Gone (Prince Jazzbo)

(Note that the sound files are taken from the CD release)
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